A Mom’s Tail

Let me tell you how to make the best first impression when you’re visiting a new church for the first time.

  1. Get dressed.
  2. Get kids dressed.
  3. Get younger kids dressed…again. …. and probably again.
  4. Make mental note to eat breakfast before getting kids dressed.
  5. Make your 6 year old choose just ONE clip-on tie to wear.
  6. While getting baby ready, entertain your 6 year old while he repeatedly clips his extra tie to your clothes in random places.
  7. Laugh with your 6 year old when he jokes about how funny it would be if he forgot to unclip his tie from you and you didn’t notice.
  8. Immediately tell that 6 year old to take his tie and put it away. Like, ten seconds ago. Because the thought of forgetting it….so. not. funny.
  9. Load the whole family up and head to church verifying everyone is neat, dressed, wearing shoes, hair decent, and manners button is turned to the on position.
  10. Holding your precious new little baby girl, walk to the doors with kids and husband trailing behind you like little ducks all in a row. A very, very not straight row.
  11. You’re the new family and a small church and you have five kids, including a new baby. So you’re in for lots and lots of visiting both before and after church.
  12. Walk out, family in tow again, and plenty of churchgoers behind you making you feel welcomed and excited to come back the next week.
  13. And finally, get home and an hour later…catch a glimpse in the mirror and take the clip-on tie off your butt.

So, that’s my tail tale.

kill. me. now.

I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering… just HOW did my people not notice before we walked in?!

Tell me how you like to make such awesome first impressions. Laughter is the best medicine!




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