In Search of a Great Homeschool Planner

This year begins my 14th year of homeschooling.  What!?!  My how time flies when you’re doing life with six kids!  Being a seasoned homeschool mom, I’ve naturally used many different planners; digital and paper, purchased and homemade. The computer programmed planners were too rigid for me; they boasted time-saving copy&paste ability, but my plans rarely fit in the neat boxes the programmers made, causing much frustration!  So those were nixed.  Others were tossed because they didn’t fit the growing needs of my family.  In tighter years, I’ve made my own make-shift planner, but those were better off left right there in the tight years.

Still, I haven’t found that perfect planner — and I’m always on the search for one!  So when I heard about this new homeschool planner by Misty Leask I had to check it out!  I’ve found over the years that I want a planner that is pretty, but also practical.  One that has space for me to jot all my incoherent thoughts so I can turn them into a plan, but also has all the boxes, charts, and lines for me to adequately plan out the school year. This is a delightful planner that I can totally see myself using.  The Essential Year Round Homeschooling Planner is a perfect combination of style and practice.

First off, its beautiful!  The watercolor butterflies are soothing to the soul and the pastel color scheme is light enough to be enjoyed on every page and still not be distracting from the main purpose of the planner.  This is a planner I will enjoy using every day!

More than that, I absolutely love the preliminary planning pages. There are enough guided charts to get my mind rolling, but enough blank space for my random notes.  The process of planning my year; from basic schedule, to which subjects I will teach and how, is simple and easy to follow. She gives me questions and space to think my year through making it individualized.

Not a year-round-schooler?  Me neither.  However, these pages are applicable to any track you find yourself in. I am printing off the pre-planning worksheets as we speak so I can plan my upcoming school year, as well as the soul-inspiring blank pages for notes and brainstorming!  And I’m sure I will be printing off the lesson plan and weekly pages soon! I do believe my high-schoolers will each be receiving the Week at a Glance pages to help them take control of their schedules!

Essential Year Round Homeschool Planner

The Essential Year Round Homeschooling Planner includes:

  • 80+ Pages
  • Undated
  • Pre-planning section
  • Homeschool curriculum shopping section
  • Year round homeschooling schedule options included
  • Monthly, weekly and quarterly planning pages
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly review pages
  • Attendance and grading logs
  • Grading charts
  • Field trip ideas
  • Notes and brainstorming pages

Click here to see more information and pick one up for yourself!


I received this planner in return for my honest review and the post contains affiliate links.

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