12 Online Music Learning Games for Kids

Tonic Tutor  Fun games to improve children’s note reading, music theory and ear training skills. Multiple music skill levels. You can play some of the games without registering by clicking “Play a Game” or you can register for a free account to play 10 games with up to 10 children. There are also paid full access accounts available for a reasonable price by the month or year. This site is a family favorite!

SFSKids San Francisco Symphony Kids page is excellent! It’s packed with amazing games for learning about instruments, music skills, and so much more. You’ll find options to discover, listen, play, perform, conduct, and compose. Your kids can discover facts about composers, instruments, and music. They can sit back and listen for pleasure. They can play games to learn about rhythm or mood. In Perform, they can make different instruments play their sounds and make music by changing the notes on a scale. They can conduct and decide what their music would sound like if they were the conductor! They try to keep the orchestra in harmony and learn the basics and work their way up to conduct like the masters! Finally, they can learn the notes and symbols to compose their own music! This is another family favorite!

PBS Kids Music Games Your kids can learn about all sorts of musical styles and skills with all their favorite PBS Kids characters!

New York Philharmonic Kidzone has a game room with matching games, scavenger hunts, and more. Be sure you don’t overlook the link on the small TV where you can view a real concert! In the Instrument Storage room, kids will learn about woodwinds, brass, percussion, etc. In the Dressing Rooms, they can meet conductors and soloists with information and a picture for each! Move on to the instrument lab to view numerous instruments kids can make right at home! Or mouse over to the right and click on the boy at the worktable to make your own online! Lastly, a Meet the Composers room! View them all or sort by their country, birthday, style, or name.

PedaPlus is above where my kids are now and would be excellent skills practice for your kids with a little more experience! Great games and practice for intermediate to more advanced learners!

Musicards is just what it sounds like: online music flashcards! Everything from reading key signatures and notenames, to intervals and triads, up to reading piano or guitar keys, and the alto and tenor clefs!

Disney Junior lets you learn about music with none other than The Little Einsteins! Great fun for little learners!

Musical Mind is an online ear trainer starting with one note and going up to harmonies and atonal trichords. Geared for the older learners but would work for the younger, serious music learners, too!

Teoria is definitely for the child that is serious about ear training and learning music theory, even at the beginning levels. I played clarinet from the age of 10 until early adulthood and can read music pretty well. But, obviously I’m out of practice! This would probably work best if Mom or Dad is music literate and can set the amazingly detailed options on the games. This will prove to be an excellent resource for the music-minded child. Full of exercises/games for music theory and ear training, tutorials, reference, and articles!

Music Learning Community has an excellent and organized selection of games with options for full access to everything at a reasonable monthly or yearly price. The games cover a multitude of skills at multiple levels and have learning, quiz, and play modes. They have aural and visual skills, keyboard skills, terms and symbols, and more. You can play several sample games for free!

Music Awareness has simple music theory learning tools– no musical experience necessary! From the site: “Learn simple and practical music theory and how harmony works, learn how to recognize chords in the music you hear, learn how to know what guitar chords to play.” The harmony toy looks like a fun online toy to try!

DSOKids is a great resource to learn about composers and instruments. They have a collection of videos of the Dallas Symphony performing, downloadable and printable symphony coloring book, and my favorite: Flat Beethoven! {think Flat Stanley}


Do you have a favorite site to add? Send me a message to let me know! Look for a Music Learning Apps post in the future!




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