New Year’s 2017: Dude, Where’s My Hovercar?

2017 brings us just three short years away from the time my kid self dreamed up the idea that our future selves of 2020 would be living much like The Jetsons, riding in flying cars, and dressed in silver, spacey jumpsuits. While some of my ideas weren’t too far-fetched, I never imagined myself in the world I live in now.

You know….the one where I have an always-dirty Honda Pilot that I traded my rockin’ minivan for…because…mid-life crisis. The one where I lose more socks than I buy and never know where the Tupperware lids have gone off to. I have a hypothesis that they’re somewhere with those socks though. Nor did I imagine myself arguing with tiny humans half the day about pee on the seat and less-tiny humans about who gets to sit in the front seat. I really never imagined myself actually wondering about the whereabouts of missing socks and Tupperware lids with serious contemplation or getting so excited over getting a waffle maker and digital pressure cooker for my birthday. As a kid, I hated naps and I loved frequent trips to the pool, beach, Disney, and being with all my friends. As a 30-something mom of five and definite introvert, I now ab-so-LUTE-ly adore naps. Lugging five kids to the pool, beach, or Disney with all the junk?…not. even. Instead of being with all my friends, I just wish for a complete thought and not having to hide my sweets stash in a tampon box or pee with an audience. Just give me a quiet room, a cherry Dr. Pepper, and some time to myself with no people in sight and I’m in my element! Does anyone find themselves where they thought they would be?

Despite all my surprise about where I find myself and the rest of the world now in 2017, there’s so. much. good. Including NOT wearing those silver jumpsuits! I want to make a point to focus on the good. So, the last few New Year’s resolutions have focused on one word or phrase. This year I have a couple but I want to tell you about one that has stuck with me from year’s past. “At least”. This is a really huge one and slowly but surely can really change your perspective in all facets of life.

  • You hurriedly unload at church after a chaotic morning of getting ready to go only to realize someone is only wearing one shoe. Nothing you can do about it, so shrug it off and AT LEAST you made it to church on time!
  • You spent a slightly crazy evening out with the family and got home later than expected, which happened to be two hours after bedtime on a night you have a really early commitment the next morning. Well, AT LEAST you made some fantastic memories in the midst of all the crazy. Even if it was mostly crazy.
  • You made an incredible meal and not one single kid would eat it. Take a deep breath, feed them some PB&J, and AT LEAST you have leftovers for this week’s lunches for you and your main squeeze!

So, folks. Go out there and find your “at least”! Yes, it’s a challenge, but at least you have all year to master it. Then come on back here and share this post and share your at leasts you find to encourage others to find theirs!


Happy New Year!




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