Mediocre Mom Mondays: An Intro

No matter what Pinterest and Facebook have said, there are NO perfect moms among us.


Not. even. one.







I intend to provide proof of that here on the regular.  I don’t want to be accused of parading around my picture-perfect life as if that’s anywhere near accurate. I know we all love to share our best moments with others, but it leaves us all with a lot of pressure to live up to those picture-perfect lives we see others portray, and often a bit of envy when we know without a doubt we don’t measure up to it. The good news is…. the people in those pictures? They don’t live up to their own pic collection either! Don’t be fooled! We could all make the social media world a more beautiful and encouraging place with a little honesty every now and then.

Don’t ever compare your worst moments with someone else’s best. Inside every (probably wrinkled) World’s Best Mom shirt is a fellow World’s Okay-est Mom. And inside every World’s Best Mom mug is a mediocre mom’s coffee. And it’s probably cold.

It’s okay to be okay! And it’s even better to share about it. 😉 Here’s to showing how marvelous it is to be a mediocre mom in a pinterest-perfect world.


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